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The only way to live is to “die from astonishment,” to paraphrase Terrance McKenna.


“Have you been to the town, that town where everybody’s memory only lasts for thirty days?… And then they start over. They start over. Every one.” (One of my characters.)

The Margins: Oddly-Shaped Ideas

Audio stories exploring obsessions, the supernormal and anomalous experiences.

canto Incorrigible

Authors (and others) reading stories and talking stories.

A curated series of some of the best short works and excerpts from novels, essays, plays and poems. Plus lectures, performances and interviews with those whom filmmaker Alejandro Jodorosky would define as “Poet Warriors.” Not quite human talent.

Books + Audiobooks

Adaptations + ebooks.

weird fiction / nonfiction

Paranormal, speculative and riffs on the other-wordly.

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"This art needs a form!"

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