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“The Book Encounter” [Audio]

“Synchronicities could drive a person crazy.”

psychological #audiostory #UFOs #paranormal

I rebooted The Margins: Oddly-Shaped Ideas audio stories series and this is the first episode for your amusement and shock.  It’s an intriguing mashup. “A wild, bold, farfetched tale,” as I originally wrote about Religious Studies professor Diana Pasulka (American Cosmic) who “embarks on a road trip with scientists (‘The Invisibles’) who create technologies from UFO artifacts.”

The story is beautiful, mysterious and bound together by references to the cult movie Fight Club, synchronicities involving Nietzsche, and a Saint that bleeds tears every January.  It’s available in both .mp3 and as a .flac track at our Bandcamp page. Pay what you want, or send us a tip! Enjoy.


Francesca Robin

Download the audio story (flac and mp3)

Production Credits: 

Writer-producer: Francesca Robin
Audio Engineering: Tim Baron of Tim Baron Video
Music/Soundscape: Hypathia
Production Company: Liquescence Media

MUSIC: Setuniman; Hypathia

00:03 Synchronicities could make you crazy
03:22 Carl Jung’s theory of synchronicity
04:09 St. Januarius, New Year’s Eve
06:00 I am Tyler Durden: absurd synchronicities with the movie Fight Club
09:00 The Book Encounter

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Written by

Francesca Robin is a writer, audio producer and artist.