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The Dreamer and the Dreamed [Audio]

“The Dream is a Double.”

I rebooted The Margins: Oddly-Shaped Ideas audio stories series and this is the third episode for your utter beguilement.

I believe I started leaving my body during this production. I generally pull audio from a variety of sources: needle drops, vintage interviews, ambient and atmospheric splices of sound to build the soundscape and world. In this world, I was navigating “a sorcerer’s apprentice and his psychic tests to master the art of dreaming.” [My notes, cribbing from myself].

It’s a mashup, with dramatized excerpts from Carlos Castaneda’s 1974 Tales of Power and other clips and a tingly soundscape. In the end, it’s a portrait piece of Castaneda the Initiate and his transformative meeting with the Yaqui sorcerer Don Juan. Reality is just “perceptions” the shaman tells him.

It’s available in both .mp3 and as a .flac track at our Bandcamp page. Pay what you want, or send us a tip! Enjoy.


Francesca Robin

Download the audio story (flac and mp3)

Production CREDITS:

Writer-producer: Francesca Robin
Audio Engineering: Tim Baron of TimBaronVideo
Production Company: Liquescence Media


00:06 There are just perceptions, not facts.
13:22 Teach me to code reality differently.
19:50 A man could turn into a cricket…or a bird.
32:25 I took meticulous notes.

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Written by

Francesca Robin is a writer, audio producer and artist.