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Mark and Sarah in the Mirror of Isis [Audio Stories]

#psychological #audiostory #mystical

An evocative story about lovers at a sensual crossroads (with supernatural overtones in a minor key).

Mark and Sarah in the Mirror of Isis. Buy the audiobook. Part of the Liquescence Stories Audio Series. Cover Art by Francesca Robin. Copyright 2022.

Download the audio story (.mp3)

FLAC Audiobook

Note from the author:

I’m raving mad about this project, Liquescence Stories. All the work is original, including the artwork and soundscape and music. I painted the cover in gouache, graphite pencil and oil transfer on watercolor paper.

The audiobook is about 50 minutes (just long enough for a good episode of Black Mirror) and it’s available in both .mp3 and as a .flac album at our Bandcamp page. Includes the ebook version in epub format. You can read and take a listen below.

I’m an Indie artist, competely supported by the generosity of fans like you. Pay whatever you want over the minimum price or slide a tip into the hat. If you feel we’re in the same coordinate space of ideas, please join my newsletter for updates on new productions and drops and whimsy.


Francesca Robin

Audio + eBook EXCERPT

“He held out a silver gift box dressed with an antique, ornamental white silk ribbon and slid it across the wood coffee table toward her. The box seemed to merge eras. At first, it held the glint of the kind of old-fashioned box you might see in old movies, in that scene when a man gives a woman an orchid corsage and begins to sing. A secret box stuffed with love letters, or a stolen cache of jewelry that might accidentally fall from the dusty top shelf in a shop full of curios.”

“Sarah slipped the silky ribbon off, pulling it over the entire box without untying it. On the lid was a faint, scratchy pattern in faded black blotchy ink. A delicate shape. The jeweler that gave it to Mark could have been pulling a sly act of tongue-in-cheek whimsy when he said he had the “perfect gift box for ya, on me,” but in truth he was finally ridding his heavy heart from the decades of unbearable gloomy love affairs the box hid for him.” ###

audio notes

Production Credits: 

Writer-producer: Francesca Robin
Audio Engineering: Tim Baron of Tim Baron Video
Music/Soundscape: Hypathia
Artwork: by the author
Production Company: Liquescence Media

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Written by

Francesca Robin is a writer, audio producer and artist.