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Mental tuning fork

Because the world is weirder than we think.

Prof. Diana Pasulka, from "The Book Encounter." Episode 01 of The Margins.

weird fiction/ non-fiction

Allow me, please. I’m Francesca Robin, a writer and researcher. I produce audio stories, including The Margins: Oddly-Shaped Ideas series, write irreverent nonfiction and musings on anomalous experiences. I also make art and music and audio collage and write under many personae.

Each week I curate Canto Incorrigible, an audio series that includes interviews with artists, filmmakers, musicians, writers, scientists, etc., and stories penned by famous (and not-so-famous) authors and obscure gems worth revisiting. I publish these, and other “findings” in a newletter digest with about four to five items.

If you dig any of this, drop me a line via email or telepathically. Oh, here’s a parting, high-fidelity discovery: To snap into perfect alignment, listen to a Frank Zappa solo while reading a bit of Charles Mingus’ Beneath the Underdog.

My intention is to inspire, delight and confound. Thank you for reading. 

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Authors (and others) reading stories and talking stories. Continuing curated series of fiction and essays read by artists, authors and actors. Featuring work by James Baldwin (read by Chris Rock), Louis Borges, Raymond Carver (rare; read by the author), Veronica Geng and more.

Mak and Sarah in the Mirror of Isis - Part of the Liquescence Stories Series. Cover Art by Francesca Robin. Copyright 2022.

books | audiobooks

Our catalog of fiction and non-ficition audio adaptations. Darkly humorous supernatural fringe and genre-bending contemporary work. Every story features original artwork and original music. New work released as audio and ebooks. Join the list for updates.

audio stories

The Margins: Oddly-Shaped Ideas. An audio confession booth with a late night vibe exploring Obsessions, the Supernormal, paranormal, synchronicities, dramatic readings from obscure, trippy journals, mashups, and soundscape collage. Listen.

“…all you behold; tho’ it appears Without, it is Within; In your Imagination, of which this World of Mortality is but a Shadow.” – William Blake


"This art needs a form!"

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