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complicaTed first-, second-, and third-person enTanglements; the soul of things; & JUICY sacks of UNEXPLAINABLE synchronicities from out there in the slippery, hilarious wild

Francesca Robin

Listener. Eccentric. Schiele. Rudolph Steiner. “A Love Supreme.” Curator of odd curiosities. Writer and explorer of anomalous experiences. Paranormal tendencies. Novels, short stories, plays + experimental audio stories. Mashups. Audio collage. Writes & creates under various personae. Pluralist. Writer-Producer of The Margins: Oddly-Shaped Ideas audio series. Reporter and researcher. Theater. Screenwriter. Documentaries. Ghostwriter. I’ve written features for Forbes, Fortune, The Chicago Tribune, HGTV and other pubs. Co-founder of Liquescence Media.

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About the Works

A statement of purpose (so you know what you’re getting into): For people who dig Black Mirror, Wes Anderson, Nina Simone, Guillermo Del Torro, a good Trane riff and experimental storytelling. For lurkers who prefer unapologetically multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-creature, time travel escapades or sensual voltage or alarmingly post-post-modern magic realism. For readers with a yen for heavy research, romantic talkies, supernatural awakenings, and the horror sometimes found in loving too much or forgetting your soul. For the watery shape we all become as we merge into the big conversation. That’s this. That’s me. That’s what I try to do. 

I intend to delight and hope you join me.