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Snow Vixens [Audio Stories]

#psychological #audiostory #mystical

“Some detours are simply…irresistible.”

Snow Vixens [2.5 hour Audiobook]

Download the audio story or ebook.

Note from the author:

Looking for a literary, funny, audio romance to binge? I wrote this novella as Cavanaugh.Bardo, one of my pen names.  The work is part of the Liquescence Stories series. It has a sensual, magic realism sensibility and explores an accidental, slippery, juicy question:

Can a chance encouner change the way you see sex, love and intimacy…forever? Can it shatter things you believed you knew about yourself? Can a stranger do that? In one night?

Readers,  listeners, and reluctant artists who enjoy the films of Guillermo del Torro and Paul Thomas Anderson or like strong female leads with bite and verve and can imagine Gugu Mbatha-Raw or Zoe Kravitz (among many others) in their mind’s eye, will dig this telling. 

Download the full audiobook (runtime about 2.5 hours) or ebook or order a print copy if you fancy.  Buy it on Amazon and other retail stores, if that’s your preference. You can read an excerpt and take a listen below.


Francesca Robin

Audio + eBook EXCERPT

Chapter 1

“Accidents aren’t all bad. What’s that song Radiohead does, the one where he sings about how we’re all accidents waiting to happen? But there’s something else here, too. The unseen accident that’s waiting for you. The one you bump into. The one that starts crashing its way towards you. This has speed. This has weight and snow and light and a spirit of sweetness and heat, too, maybe an unconscious pull, that tug. And you can’t stop it. Right? Have you ever met someone like that? The kind of person that unmasks a corner of yourself? A corner so hidden, so deep, you wouldn’t believe you had it in you. Much like a dark secret you kept from yourself. “

“That’s what happened in Park City. And Brigit almost missed it.” ###

audio notes

Production Credits: 

Writer-producer: Francesca Robin (as Cavanaugh.Bardo)
Audio Engineering: Tim Baron of Tim Baron Video
Music/Soundscape: Setuniman and others
Production Company: Liquescence Media

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Written by

Francesca Robin is a writer, audio producer and artist.