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Jonathan Franzen Reads Veronica Geng’s “Love Trouble is My Business.”

“The New Yorker” humorist, editor Veronica Geng, could dive into pop and low-brow and high-brow and a long highway of sex life diaries. Her parody was top-shelf. According to a Wiki entry: “Critics praised her parodies for their unusual coupling of subjects and control of style, e.g., the Watergate Tapes reviewed by a hip Rolling Stone critic, or a sitcom about the young Henry James. She wrote approving essays about Monty Python.” She died of brain cancer in 1997.

Here’s author Jonathan Franzen (“The Corrections”) reading from Geng’s “Love Trouble is My Business.” Originally broadcast on “The New Yorker” podcast.

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Francesca Robin is a writer, audio producer and artist.